Overview of Extira® Wood Product
Extira® is a panel product that resists moisture, rot and termites, and offers excellent performance in exterior environments, Thickness Swell:
Approximately 40% less than MR 50 MDF.
Can be used for virtually any nonstructural paint grade application, including millwork, door and window parts, signage, garage doors, and other architectural components. Extira® panels can meet the specification for the designation "ultra low formaldehyde emitter."
Extira® panels can be used in any non-structural paint-grade exterior application. They also work well for high moisture interior environments. Accelerated Aging Test:
Extira® panels retained 90% of its original strength after the 6-cycle accelerated agint test.
Works with standard tools and practices; easy to handle, cut, machine, and nail. No old growth wood is used in the manufacture of Extira® panels. They are made from wood that is of no commercial timber value, and is the byproduct of other operations. This leftover wood is also detrimental to the overall vitality of the forest.
Extira® panels have a 5-year warranty, unprecedented in the product category. The moisture content of Extira® will change based on the ambient relative humidity and environmental conditions to which it is exposed. Can be sandblasted, routed, carved, and laser engraved. Extira® panels contribute to industry green building programs such as LEED® and the National Green Building Standard™.